AQUAFIN-2K-Inject Pump

Two-Component Injection Pump for Chemical Grout

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The PN1412-3K pump by Desoi is a two-component injection pump with set 1:1 mixing ratio to ensure proper applications on site. All internal parts are made with stainless steel. The compact, cart mounted design makes it perfect for use in harder to access areas. The mixing head features a built-in flush line for easy and quick cleaning any time work is stopped or interupted, to avoid hardening of any residue material within the lines or mixing unit.

The pump is ideal for use with Aquafin’s two component injection resins such as InjectProPM3811 and InjectPro-SuperFast.

Typical Applications:

  • Crack injection
  • Soil stabilization


Working pressure - infinitely variable: 10 - 200 bar
Delivery rate:
at compressor output of 24.7 ft³/min (0.7 m³/min) (2 x compressor V-Meko 400): max. 2.6 gal/min (10 L/min)
at compressor output of 46 ft³/min (1.3 m³/min): max. 3 gal/min (11.5 L/min)
Air consumption: min. 132 gal/min (500 L/min)
Mixing ratio: 1:1
Air pressure: max. 116 psi (8 bar)
Weight: 145 lbs (65 kg)
L x W x H: 24x19x38 in (60x48x96 cm)
Flush pump
Working pressure - infinitely variable 20 - 200 bar
Delivery rate: 0.8 gal/min (3 L/min)
Transmission ratio: 1 : 25

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