Cold Fluid-Applied Rubber Membrane System


ELASTOSEAL-Trowel is a ready to use fast setting, cold applied, modified asphalt emulsion system using exact formulated polymers providing unique elastomeric performance. It can be installed where solvents and heat are not allowed. Its formulation is designed for creating cants in wall/floor joints and detailing cracks prior to applying a seamless membrane using ELASTOSEAL-Roller/Brush.

Typical Applications:

  • Below grade, concrete or CMU exterior foundations
  • Primary and secondary containment tanks
  • Water fountains, ponds and water features
  • Waste water treatment tanks and reservoirs
  • “Sandwich slab” construction


  • Zero VOC’s
  • No “hot pots” or trailers
  • Cost Efficient – reduced application times
  • One component, ready to use
  • Self-healing
  • Monolithic without seams
  • Resistant to many chemicals (contact Aquafin for complete listing)

CSI Divisions:

  • Cold Fluid Applied Waterproofing (07 14 16)
  • Division 7 - Thermal & Moisture Protection (07 00 00)

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