InjectPro-Hose Kit

Waterproofing injection hose system for concrete joints


InjectPro-Hose is an injectable waterstop system that creates a channel for the easy installation of InjectPro acrylate and polyurethane chemical grouts. The ~½” (12.5 mm) permeable tube is installed prior to pouring/placing concrete. Once the shrinkage associated with the concrete curing process is completed, the hoses can be injected with the appropriate InjectPro chemical grout. This allows cracks to open fully before permanently sealing the interfaces and voids within construction joints, pipe penetrations, slurry walls, and slab connections with InjectPro acrylate and polyurethane chemical grouts as well as microfine cements and epoxy resins.

Typical Applications:

  • Sealing cold and construction joints, pipe penetrations, joints between slurry walls and slabs.


  • Channels grout directly into the joint
  • Fast, simple installation not requiring special tools
  • Low pressure injection
  • Provides a permanent seal after injection
  • Suitable for many different structures and construction methods
  • Injectable anytime after concrete cure
  • No drilling required for injection of grouts
  • Re-injectable system

CSI Divisions:

  • Injection Grouting (03 64 00)

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