Fast setting acrylate injection resin


    Aquafin's InjectPro-PM3811 Series of hydrophilic acrylate injection resins are forumlated with superior sealing characteristics. The InjectPro-3811 acrylates are environmentally safe and include:
  • InjectPro-PM3811-SoilStabilizer
  • InjectPro-PM3811-Flex
  • InjectPro-PM3811-Fast
  • InjectPro-PM3811-UltraSeal

  • InjectPro-PM3811-Fast is a low viscosity, very fast setting (20 seconds - 5 minutes) acrylate injection resin with superior sealing characteristics. The fast set-times provide excellent waterproofing capabilities for stopping high flow active leaks. In addition, it is able to permeate very fine soil and fill voids between the interface area of the concrete and substrate.

Typical Applications:

  • Stopping active leaks in concrete
  • Creation of grout curtains
  • Construction joints, expansion joints


  • Controlled setting time range: 20 sec – 5 minutes
  • Very low viscosity, excellent for penetrating into small cracks
  • Free from acrylamides, easy clean-up, non hazardous waste removal

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