Fast reacting, two component, expansive hydrophobic polyurethane grout


InjectPro-SuperFAST is a very fast reacting, expansive hydrophobic polyurethane injection grout. It cures to a rigid, durable, closed cell polyurethane foam resistant to most organic solvents, mild acids, alkali, petroleum and micro-organisms. InjectPro-SuperFAST is designed to stop active water leaks and fill voids in concrete, gravel layers and rock fissures. The closed cell foam will maintain its physical form and is not subject to shrinkage due to wet/dry cycles.

The system is comprised of an “A” component (base resin) and a “B” component and is injected at a 1:1 ratio. It is available in easy to use cartridges for hand injection, or can be pumped using a plural component pump such as the 2K-Inject Pump.

Typical Applications:

  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants & Manholes
  • Concrete Dams
  • Tunnels


  • 100% solids, non-flammable
  • Hydrophobic - can be used in wet and dry environments
  • Very fast reaction time! ~30 seconds
  • Can expand more than 25 times initial volume
  • Excellent resistance and durability
  • Non-hazardous shipping
  • Non-toxic permanent seal

CSI Divisions:

  • Tunnel Grouting (31 73 00)
  • Injection Grouting (03 64 00)

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