Synthetically-engineered cementitious self-leveling underlayment. Clean, Prime and Pour!


LEVEL-One EZ is a polymer-modified, self-leveling cementitious underlayment synthetically-engineered for leveling, smoothing and repairing interior concrete substrates and non-water soluble adhesive residue on concrete prior to the installation of finished floor coverings. LEVEL-One EZ provides a durable, flat, smooth floor surface with minimum labor and installation time. It can be poured or pumped when mixed with water and seeks its own level to produce a smooth, flat, hard surface.

Typical Applications:

• For interior leveling, smoothing and resurfacing of commercial floors before the installation of flooring systems and coverings.
• Interior floors of office buildings, restaurants, department stores, hallways, hospitals, convention centers, etc.


    • No mechanical preparation required for pedestrian traffic and light commercial applications. Just clean, prime, and pour!
    • Walk on in 4 hours, can be covered with breathable floor finishes* such as tile after 16 hours @ 3/8” (9.5 mm).
    • Can be installed from 3/8” - 3” (9.5 mm - 76 mm). For applications up to 3" please contact Aquafin Technical Department for assistance.
    • Compatible with in-floor radiant heating systems.
    • Suitable for vinyl, carpet, wood, ceramic and other floor covering systems.
    • Compatible with sound attenuation systems.
  • Always follow floor covering manufacturers’ recommendations

CSI Divisions:

  • Divison 9 - Finishes (09 00 00)
  • Flooring (09 60 00)
  • Division 3 - Concrete (03 00 00)
  • Cementitious Underlayments (03 54 00)

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