Pavemend Instant Asphalt

Water activated, permanent asphalt repair material


Instant Asphalt is a high performance, permanent, all climate and planet friendly, cold mix asphalt repair material. Instant Asphalt is a reactive, plant oil based asphalt repair material that requires only water and compaction to provide a permanent asphalt repair. Instant Asphalt is as fast and convenient to apply as cold patch, while offering the durability of hot mixed asphalt, it is free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and can be applied in ambient temperatures of 0˚F - 120˚F.

Typical Applications:

  • Potholes, distressed asphalt on bridges, highways, driveways, runways, taxiways, parking aprons, utility and storm water applications, parking lots and more.


  • Water activated
  • Ideal repair material, suitable for permanent repairs
  • All climate and planet friendly, cold mix asphalt repair

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