Pavemend KemROK

Pre-extended, fiber reinforced chemical resistant repair concrete


Pavemend KemROK is a rapid return to service, chemical and hydrogen sulphide resistant pozzolan cement repair concrete. KemROK is a single component powder that is water activated.

Typical Applications:

Pavemend KemROK has been designed for horizontal, sloped and form and pour or pump applications of industrial concrete infrastructure, secondary containment, sulfuric acid exposure and similar.


  • Rapid return to service
  • Chemical and hydrogen sulphide resistant pozzolan cement repair concrete
  • Single component powder activated with water
  • 30 minutes of working time and will reach compressive strengths of greater than 3000 psi in 3 hours
  • Can be applied in ambient temperature ranges from 40-120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • engineered for low permeability and is resistant to chemical attack by sulfuric compounds and related acids

CSI Divisions:

  • Division 3 - Concrete (03 00 00)
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