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Step Repair

After 6o years the front steps at the AQUAFIN Plant were majorly in need of repair. Instead of ripping out the concrete and replacing it, we decided to put the DECORFLEX System to the test.

Spalling and weak concrete was chipped out, down to the rebar, which was primed to prevent further corrosion. Major cracks were routed out and repaired with the MORTAR-40 fast setting repair mortar.

The base coat of DECORFLEX-R was troweled and the 4x4 Mesh was embedded into the fresh layer to add to provide extra reinforcement since the concrete was in such bad shape.

Then a second coat was applied to fully embed the Mesh. Once that dried a thin coat was applied in a lighter color to create the "grout lines" which were masked off once that dried. Additionally the logo was troweled down in the Tile Red. Once the logo dried it was covered and the entire surface got a splatter coat using a hopper gun. That was knocked down to achieve the finished effect. Once the splatter coat dried the tape was removed and the entire application was sealed with the SEALER-AC to provide added protection from dirty and make it easier to clean.

Type of installation: Office Building

Applied products:

Place: United States of America / Elkton, MD