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Acrylate injection resin

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Product details


Aquafin's InjectPro-PM3811 Series of hydrophilic acrylate injection resins are forumlated with superior sealing characteristics. The InjectPro-3811 acrylates are environmentally safe and include:
* InjectPro-PM3811-SoilStabilizer
* InjectPro-PM3811-Flex
* InjectPro-PM3811-Fast
* InjectPro-PM3811-UltraSeal

InjectPro-PM3811-UltraSeal is specifically formulated for crack injection as it is not subject to wetting and drying cycles, and therefore do not shrink in the absence of moisture.


  • Controlled, extended setting time range: 4 min – 14 minutes
  • Ideal for crack injection, does not shrink in dry environments!
  • Free from acrylamides, easy clean-up, non hazardous waste removal
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water

Typical Applications

  • Crack injection for construction joints, expansion joints, cold joints
  • Concrete precast segments
  • Creation of grout curtains
  • Soil stabilization behind brick and concrete structures
Article-No. Packaging size Unit/Pallet
1 x 5 gal/pail  
1 x 32 oz/bottle  
1 x 2.2 lb/bag  
3PMU-145R 5 gal/pail 36
3PM3-122AUS 32 oz/bottle
3PM3-122HUS 2.2 gal/bag


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