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Corrosion resistant repairing and lining mortar

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Product details


MORTAR-CA is a factory blended, cementitious, one-component, surface lining and waterproof repair and resurfacing mortar. It consists of calcium aluminate cement, well-graded, acid resistant, siliceous aggregates and special chemicals of an inorganic, hydrophobic (water repellent) nature which resist strong hydrostatic pressure (positive and negative side pressure).

MORTAR-CA is a special formulation providing structural integrity and protecting concrete, masonry and brick substrates against biogenic corrosion in strong hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) environments.
The absence of fibers in MORTAR-CA guarantees it will prevent water infiltration or exfiltration in sewer manholes or tank structures at minimum thickness of 3/8“ (10 mm).


  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Resists strong hydrostatic pressure - prevents infiltration and/or exfiltration - no need for vacuum testing in manholes
  • Resists abrasion and mechanical wear.
  • Forms a protective membrane barrier with no pinholes
  • Easy to use - needs only to be mixed with water
  • Applied to the positive or negative water pressure side of a structure
  • Applied to damp substrate
  • Non flammable
  • No odor - No Fumes - Environmentally friendly

Typical Applications

  • Horizonal and vertical applications to concrete, masonry and brick by troweling or low pressure spraying (wet guniting). Especially suited for the rehabilitation of:
  • Sewer Manholes
  • Sewage treatment tanks
  • Sewer lift stations
  • Large diameter trunk lines
Article-No. Packaging size Unit/Pallet
2CAG-050B 50 lb/bag 48


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Technical Data Sheet
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