Fully extended, pourable/pumpable, concrete mix with integral corrosion inhibitor


MORTAR-Crete-CI is a one-component, high early strength, cementitious, structural repair concrete mix that is pourable and pumpable for full depth applications. A unique formulating design allows for application to be completed in depths from 1” (25.4 mm) to full depth (with proper steel reinforcement).

Typical Applications:

  • Interior or exterior restoration work to new and existing structures
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
  • Bridges, highways, ramps and decks
  • Tunnels, dams, industrial floors, etc.
  • Footings, foundations, walls and floors
  • Walks, patios, steps, platforms and driveways


  • Factory blended, quality controlled mix design
  • Excellent workability with long pot life
  • Very easy to use on “form and pour” applications
  • Ready to use, just add water
  • Pre-extended with coarse aggregate: Eliminates risk of reactive aggregate.

CSI Divisions:

  • Maintenance of Concrete (03 01 00)
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