Product of the Month - AQUAFIN-2K/M

AQUAFIN-2K/M is a two-component, flexible, protective and waterproof coating, ideal for sealing and coating a wide variety of structures. With up to 70% elongation, it is able to withstand one-time substrate movement and bridge cracks up to 1/16”. These properties make it ideal for waterproofing under tiles and stucco, coating facades, and protecting water tanks and cisterns.

• Self curing
• Applied by brush, roller, trowel or spray
• Solvent Free
• Potable water approved
• Can be painted or pigmented
• UV, weather & freeze/thaw resistant
• Breathable (not a vapor barrier)
• Can be applied to damp substrates
• Resists strong positive side hydrostatic pressure
• Active barrier to carbon dioxide
• Carbonation protection and carbon dioxide-screen: 40 mils (1 mm) 2K/M thickness warrants same protection as 12” (300 mm) of concrete.

• Above or below grade exterior applications.
• Horizontal, vertical, or overhead applications to concrete, cementitious overlays, masonry, brick and parging.
• Waterproofing base coat under stucco/texture coats.
• Exterior waterproofing of new or old below grade foundations.
• Terraces and balconies over unoccupied space (stand-alone or under tiles), parapets, planter boxes, plaza decks, stadiums.
• Mechanical & equipment rooms.
• Underneath flexible thin-set tile mortars (i.e. shower pans, sanitary rooms, kitchens, balconies, etc.).
• Potable water, wastewater, sea water and marine aquarium tanks and other reinforced concrete structures.

When referring to coatings in the construction industry it is easy to interchange and confuse the two meanings. However, the terms are typically referring to very different properties, and therefore it is important to know the difference when selecting materials.

Elastomeric refers to materials that are able to resume their original shape when a deforming force is removed or subjected to continuous movement (such as acrylic elastomerics, urethanes, asphaltic rubbers and other synthetics). These products are designed to bridge moving and expanding joints without cracking, much like a rubber band.

Flexible refers to coatings – such as cement based products like AQUAFIN-2K/M – that are capable of being bent or flexed, but will not resume their original shape when subjected to continuous movement. In other words, these coatings typically withstand one-time movement such as a crack initially forming, but if the crack continues to expand and contract, the coating will most certainly crack as well.