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Cementitious corrosion protection and bonding agent

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Product details


AQUAFIN REBAR PRIMER/BOND-CI is a one-component, cementitious, anti-corrosion coating for protection of steel reinforcement and as a bonding agent for concrete surfaces.


  • Mixes with water only
  • Extended pot life and contact time
  • VOC compliant (solvent free)
  • Resistant to penetration of water and chlorides
  • Excellent workability with long pot life
  • Very easy to use even on vertical and overhead areas
  • Extended open time allowing for repair mortars up to 3 days after application
  • Can be applied by brush or spray
  • Active corrosion inhibitor

Typical Applications

  • As an anti-corrosion, protective coating for steel rebar in concrete restoration
  • As a bonding agent for concrete repair mortars or fresh concrete
Article-No. Packaging size Unit/Pallet
7RPG-022P 22 lb/pail 48


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Technical Data Sheet
Service 1-866-AQUAFIN | (+1) 410 392 2300
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