Pavemend SL

Semi-Leveling, Pre-Extended Rapid Repair Flowable Concrete

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Pavemend SL is a rapid setting, semi-leveling, self-consolidating, cementitious structural repair concrete. It is a single component powder that is water activated. SL has 15 to 20 minutes of working time and will reach compressive strengths of greater than 2,500 psi within 90 minutes of final set, and more than 7,000 psi at 28 days. Designed for use in horizontal, sloped, or form and pour repair applications, SL can be applied in ambient temperatures from 40°F –120°F (4°C – 48°C).


  • 2 Hour RTS (> 2500 psi), Use from 50°F - 120°F, Just add water, Pre-extended, Horizontal, Slopeable, Exceptional Volume Stability, Form & Pour/Pump, Apply >1/2” depth.

Typical Applications

  • Roads and bridges
  • Airport runways
  • Warehouse or manufacturing facility floors
  • Post tension cable repairs and form and pour projects
  • Can be used as a temporary repair for asphalt pavement.
Article-No. Packaging size Unit/Pallet
CPSL-518P 51.8 lb/pail 36
CPSL-518B 51.8 lb/bag 42