Crystalline Waterproofing Admixtures with Hydrophobic and Corrosion Inhibiting Effects for Concrete

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BETOCRETE-CP365-CI is a state-of-the-art, crystalline waterproofing and permeability reducing admixture with 3-in-1 technology. Initially, it functions as a hydrophobic, Permeability Reducing Admixture Non-hydrostatic (PRAN) and secondly it functions as a hydrophilic Permeability Reducing Admixture Hydrostatic (PRAH) reacting with the calcium hydroxide to create
millions of nanocrystals that grow throughout the concrete matrix. Finally, steel reinforcement is protected by an active migrating corrosion inhibitor by forming a protective molecular layer. This enhances concrete durability and extends the life of the structure.


  • Reduction in water penetration
  • Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure, positive (active) or negative (passive) water pressure side
  • Self-healing concrete: Can self-seal static hairline cracks up to 0.5 mm (0.02 in)
  • Permanent: becomes an integral part of the concrete
  • Not a vapor barrier: allows concrete to breathe
  • Negligible interference with water reducers & plasticizers
  • Negligible effect/influence on slump and air entrainment
  • Impervious to physical damage and deterioration
  • Non toxic, inorganic, zero VOC (0%)
  • Contains no chlorides
  • Less costly than traditional methods of waterproofing such as coatings and sheet applied goods.
  • Extends concrete longevity by providing enhanced protection for reinforcement steel.
Article-No. Packaging size Unit/Pallet
4BCP-040B 40 lb/bag 48