Product of the Month - PRO-Tekt High Performance Traffic Coatings

Sealing a concrete parking deck is essential to the longevity and durability of the structure. Aquafin’s PRO-Tekt AUTO fluid applied polyurethane traffic membranes provide ultimate protection against the elements such as water, snow, salt and daily wear and tear from traffic.

WHY PRO-Tekt is right for your next garage:

Waterproof & Vaporproof
• Protects concrete from water and leaks.
• Protects reinforcement steel.
• Can be installed safely on 5 day old concrete.

Rapid Return to Service
• Chemical cure systems for fast return to service.
• Cures quickly even at cold temperatures.

• Monolithic application to reduce the risk of water intrusion.
• Enhances aesthetics.
• Elastomeric
• Designed to withstand movement typical in parking garages.

Durable & Sustainable
• Ultra robust systems with slip resistant finishes.
• Low maintenance and easy renewal.
• Extends the life of concrete structures.

Environmentally Friendly
• Contributes to LEED Credits.
• Low odor, solvent free and zero VOC’s.