Apomattox Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Phase 2, Petersburg, VA

The Appomattox River Water Authority in Petersburg, Virginia, USA desperately needed to rehabilitate the interior wall surfaces of their raw water sedimentation tanks. The uncoated 30 year old tanks showed areas of heavy degradation and exposed aggregate, visible signs of the harsh conditions present in the tanks during service. Additionally the structure had cracks and joints which had to be addressed prior to the coating application. Gannett Fleming Engineers of Horsham, Pennsylvania wrote the specification for the 85,000 sf of waterproofing. The original spec called for a competitive product, however AQUAFIN Inc., a member of the SCHOMBURG Group based in Detmold, Germany, was able to convince them that they could provide the best solution.

TIII Enterprises, an AQUAFIN approved applicator also from Horsham, PA, was awarded the project and began by preparing the surfaces with high pressure water blasting. All static cracks were routed out and patched in with the waterproof repair mortar AQUAFIN-MORTAR-LN. Above grade cracks and those prone to thermal movement were pretreated with the flexible waterproofing system AQUAFIN-2K/M and JOINT-SEALING-TAPE-2000. Additional preparation work included patching bugholes with AQUAFIN-1K mixed to a thicker consistency. To finish the tanks, AQUAFIN-1K, a cementitious waterproofing coating with NSF/ANSI 61 approval, was applied in 2 coats to a total thickness of 100 mils. To cut down on application times and labor costs the AQUAFIN-1K was applied using the Quikspray carousel pump (peristaltic), which achieves an application rate of over 400 sf per hour. The tanks were put back into service under the previous conditions and have been running without problems ever since. All parties involved are completely satisfied with the service and performance achieved with the AQUAFIN products.

Total Area Treated: 85,000 sf

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