Marine & Zoo Exhibits

The AQUAFIN-2K/M waterproofing system is being used in aquarium tanks and zoo exhibits across the country due to its unique characteristics and waterproofing capabilities.

Aquarium tanks and zoo exhibits present waterproofers with unique challenges due to the shape of the construction as well as the habitants that will later reside in the space. The materials used must be able to conform to the shapes and be environmentally safe for the animals. Additionally there are often other materials and plants installed on top of the waterproofing, so the coatings must provide a surface that allows for good bonding.

The AQUAFIN-2K/M waterproofing system is widely popular in tank and exhibit construction because it meets the tough demands of waterproofing these structures. 2K/M is a highly flexible coating that offers many application methods: via brush, roller, trowel or spray equipment. “We use the 2K/M waterproofing system on many of our projects because of it’s superior waterproofing capabilities and ease of application.”
~ Bob Gurth, owner of Aquatic Exhibit Group. When used in conjunction with JOINT SEALING TAPE-2000, cracks and construction joints are further protected from leaking. The tape, elastomeric, tear resistant and waterproof, is embedded between two coats of 2K/M to provide extra protection in areas prone to cracking. Additionally 2K/M can be painted or top-coated to achieve the desired finish. “We discovered 2K/M after it was spec’d on a job, now that we have used it on several projects we request it because it works so well with the liners and other features we install.” ~Sally Mufalletto, Cemrock Landscapes.

AQUAFIN-2K/M is successfully installed in aquarium tanks and zoo exhibits across the country, creating beautiful natural habitats for the animals and marine life that live there today. Both the installers and owners of the zoos and aquariums are pleased with the results provided by the AQUAFIN-2K/M waterproofing system.

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