FDNY Training Facility

The New York Fire Department (FDNY) is one of the busiest fire departments in the country, responsible for the safety of over 8 million residences and visitors each day. When their training facility needed new waterproofing, they turned to the best.

The fire simulator, used to practice putting out live fires, is under constant high pressure from water hoses and endures extreme temperature changes. The buildings are constructed with concrete block and provide firefighter with a scenario of entering an actual burning building. Under the intense pressure of the hoses, water actually leaked right through the block walls. Additionally, the roof slabs were cracking due to the constant change in temperature. What the FDNY needed was a waterproofing system that would maintain and protect the simulator so that fire fighters could continue to train and hone their skills.

After evaluating several products, AQUAFIN-1K and AQUAFIN-2K/M were selected for their superior performance. AQUAFIN-1K was the only product able to withstand the extreme hydrostatic pressure created by the fire hoses, as well as the drastic temperature changes. It was applied to the interior of the concrete block walls, providing the waterproofing of the buildings. AQUAFIN-2K/M was the perfect choice for the roof slabs due to its unique characteristics; highly flexible, crack bridging and able to withstand pedestrian traffic. During simulations firefighters would walk on the roof and the extreme temperature changes were causing movement in the slab resulting in cracks. AQUAFIN-2K/M addressed all of the problems, providing a flexible, abrasion resistant watertight coating.

AQUAFIN products have provided the FDNY with a solution that will maintain their training facility for years to come. The affordability and ease of application helped make this a realistic solution that will allow “the best” to continue training future heroes.

Total Area Treated: 10,000 sf

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