Palm Coast Condominiums - Balconies

A newly built high-rise condominium project was looking for a waterproofing solution to install on the balconies and breesway which would be tiled. Located in southern Florida close to the Atlantic Ocean it had to be able to withstand salty air conditions as well as high temperatures and humidity. The products chosen to do the job were AQUAFIN-2K/M and AQUAFIN-1K. The J.S. Tapes were used to treat details and cracks.

Total Area Treated: 45,154 sf AQUAFIN-2K/M & 1K, 10,000 ft J.S. TAPE-2000
Installer: Tile-It Industries Inc.

General Contractor: Centex Construction, LLC
AQUAFIN Distributor: International Tile & Stone
Architect: Oz Architect

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